Tune in to Big Ideas on ABC @Radionational with @natashamitchell, 8pm on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 as philosophers Paul Griffiths & Luara Ferracioli discuss artificial wombs and animal sex. A 2023 Challis Lecture event with @Sydney_Uni.

Congratulations to former Tmblab member @wrwveit on the publication of his book A Philosophy for the Science of Animal Consciousness! #philsci #PhilosophyofBiology


New work from TMB: Paul Griffiths and Pierrick Bourrat on how physiology, development and evolution interact with one another and with environmental change to explain health outcomes.

It was a fantastic weekend of all things Philosophy of Psychology at SydPP 2023. Thanks to @UOW, @MQPhilosophy, and @Usyd_Philosophy for supporting such an amazing event, and all the presenters for joining us to share their work. We hope to see you all again next year!


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