Paul Griffiths discusses Human Nature with Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Season 23 of Closer To Truth focuses on prominent thinkers in Philosophy of Biology. Check out clips on Youtube or the full season on the website.

Programme and info here: – the coming two days will feature Paul Griffiths, Ford Doolittle, Staffan Mueller-Willie, Dan Nicholson, Jane Calvert, Thomas Pradeu, Rachel Ankeny, Alan Love, Jim Griesemer and of course many amazing Egenis colleagues!

Very happy to announce that I have a 3 year position with MQ philosophy @MQPhilosophy starting next year, working with the fantastic Prof. Wendy Rogers. I will be working in the excellent @ARC_CoESB. And I will be continuing my work with the Wild Yeast Zoo @YeastZoo!

Paul Griffiths, Kristie Miller, and Glenda Satne discuss Philosophical Progress and the Future of Australasian Philosophy in today’s Congress of the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. On from now until 3.15 pm in the Nanoscience Hub, Seminar Room 4001, University of Sydney.

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