Theory and Method in Biosciences | Workshop: Conceptual and Philosophical Issues in Evolutionary Medicine

Organised by @tmbiosci a partnership between @Sydney_Uni & @Macquarie_Uni

📆 2-5 July 2022 | Lisbon, Portugal


Always an honor to welcome @paulandracal1 in our team in Bordeaux! @philinbiomed @ImmunoConcept
Paul explains in which sense #evolutionary #medicine can be said to be explanatorily “adaptationist”.

Congratulations to TMB PhD student Walter Veit on his appointment to a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Representing Evolution project at University of Bristol, UK

Apply for 12 funded early career researcher places at our workshop 'Conceptual and Philosophical Issues in Evolutionary Medicine' in Lisbon, Portugal July 2-5 2022 immediately before the July 5-8 ISEMPH conference:

“The arithmetic mean of what? A Cautionary Tale about the Use of the Geometric Mean as a Measure of Fitness” is an OA article by project PI @pierrickbourrat and Peter Takacs in @Bio_and_Philo

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